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Wuhan, China

Wuhan is also called "River City" as the Yangtze and Han rivers separate Wuhan into three areas: Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang. Long ago, the modernization movement led to this place having a number of first-class factories. The century-old buildings of Hankou bore witness to the growing prosperity of that time. The Wuchang Uprising of 1911 here marked the establishment of the Warlord Era. Currently, Wuhan's many institutions of higher education completely suffuse the area with vitality. Optics Valley, a software park in the free-trade zone, also has become one of new Wuhan's core locations. Tanhualin Art Village and Hanyang Art Zone are two places highly unlikely to disappoint young artistic types. The cherry blossoms of Wuhan University and East Lake in the spring attract the interest of countless tourists. Reganmian (hot dry noodles) and duck's neck are both traditional local delicacies. You should not miss the opportunity to try either of them. Lounging over a rich breakfast is a good way to spend the morning and a better way to get an idea of the way in which the people of Wuhan live.