The 15th International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP 2023) will be held in Nanjing, China during May 19-22, 2023, which is hosted by College of Computer and Information Technology Engineering, Hohai University, China.

Since 2009, the International Conference on Digital Image Processing (ICDIP) has been successfully held fourteen editions in Singapore, China, Greece, Japan and other countries and regions. So far, nearly two thousand experts and scholars from all over the world have participated in the conference, and nearly two hundred technical sessions have been held. After 14 years, ICDIP has established a strong industry expert committee. Many renowned experts in the field of image processing at home and abroad have shared their latest research results and experiences at the conference. The previous proceedings have been published by the prestigious publisher IEEE or SPIE, and successfully indexed by Ei Compendex, Scopus and CPCI (Web of Science).

第十五届数字图像处理国际会议(ICDIP 2023)将于2023年5月19-22日在中国南京召开。本次会议由河海大学主办,河海大学计算机与信息学院承办,海南大学联合主办,江苏省电子学会、江苏省信息技术应用学会、 中国地质大学(武汉)、江苏省信创实验室(龙芯-河海)、中国计算机学会河海大学学生分会、日本歧阜大学和北方民族大学图像图形智能处理国家民委重点实验室协办,美国新罕布什尔大学,辽宁工业大学和马来西亚工业大学提供学术支持。

自2009年开办以来,数字图像处理国际会议已先后与新加坡南洋理工大学,日本岐阜大学,华东师范大学,中山大学以及马来西亚理科大学等众多高校机构合作成功举办十四届。共设近两百余场学术分会场,内容涵盖了图像增强恢复、特征分析和提取、图像去噪、红外成像、图像数字水印等数字图像处理相关领域的多个国际热点议题。同时,ICDIP拥有强大的业内专家委员会,以及高水平的主讲嘉宾队伍,多名国内外知名专家学者曾在会上发表主题演讲。据统计,已有来自英国、美国、日本、中国、新西兰、韩国、新加坡等60多个国家和地区的千余名国内外专家学者参与会议。会议往届论文集由著名出版社SPIE、IEEE出版,已被EI核心、Scopus、和CPCI (Web of Science)检索。




   Conference Proceedings

All papers will be strictly double blind reviewed by the program committee, and accepted papers after proper registration and presentation will be published in the International Conference Proceedings Series by ACM (ISBN: 979-8-4007-0823-7), which will be archived in the ACM Digital Library, and indexed by Ei Compendex, Scopus, etc.

投稿文章将经过严格的审稿过程,最终录用并完成注册和报告的文章将由ACM出版到ICDIP 2023会议论文集(ISBN号: 979-8-4007-0823-7),收录在ACM数据库中,并被EiCompendex和Scopus检索。

* 往届论文集已成功被Ei Compendex,Scopus
和CPCI (Web of Science)检索。

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  • Chinese Doctoral Consortium 中文博士论坛

    The Doctoral Consortium provides a unique opportunity for students, who are close to finishing or who have recently finished their doctorate degree, to interact with experienced researchers in digital image processing. Each Doctoral Consortium will designate a chair as mentor, and students can choose any consortium based on their preference or similarity of research interests. All students and mentors will attend a Doctoral Consortium meeting, giving the students an opportunity to discuss their ongoing research and career plans with their mentor. In addition, each student will present a poster, either describing their thesis research or a single recent paper, to the other participants and their mentors.

    Submission Guidelines
    Students should be conducting research in digital image processing and be within one year (before or after) of graduating with their doctoral degree. Students that meet the requirement should submit an application to You need to submit the following as a single pdf file.


    1. Your CV and list of publications. 您的个人简历和出版物清单;
    2. One first-author paper which you are most proud of. 一篇您最引以为豪的第一作者论文;
    3. The title and abstract that you will present at the consortium. 您将在论坛中交流的标题和摘要;
    4. Three specific questions you have for your mentor. 您对导师提出的三个具体问题。

    Important Dates
    Submission deadline: April 5, 2023 / 2023年4月5日
    Notification of acceptance: April 20, 2023 / 2023年4月20日

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