The detailed conference schedule can be available in late April. For your convenience, schedule at a glance is given below.


Dates Time Events

May 19, 2020  (Tuesday)


 Registration & collecting conference materials

May 20, 2020  (Wednesday)

09:00-09:10  Opening
09:10-09:50  Keynote Speech I
09:50-10:00  Group Photo
10:00-10:40  Coffee Break & Poster Session I
10:40-11:20  Keynote Speech II
11:20-12:00  Keynote Speech III
12:00-13:30  Lunch
13:30-15:30  Session A-1: Image Classification and Pattern Recognition I
 Session B-1: Information Processing and Information Security
 Session C-1: Image Processing I
15:30-16:00  Coffee Break
16:00-18:00  Session A-2: Image Classification and Pattern Recognition II
 Session B-2: Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning
 Session C-2: Motion Feature Extraction and Detection
18:00-20:00  Dinner

May 21, 2020  (Thursday)

09:00-09:30  Invited Speech I
 Invited Speech II
 Invited Speech III
09:30-10:10  Coffee Break & Poster Session II
10:10-12:10  Session A-3: Image Processing II
 Session B-3: Image Processing III
 Session C-3: Target Detection
12:10-13:30  Lunch
13:30-15:30  Session A-4: Video Processing
 Session B-4: Spectral Analysis
 Session C-4: Filtering Technology
15:30-16:00  Coffee Break
16:00-18:00  Session A-5: Face Recognition System
 Session B-5: Circuit and Power System
 Session C-5: Compressed Sensing Technology


May 22, 2020 (Friday)


 Social Networking Event

Note: On May 22, 2020, a Social Networking Event will be arranged. Participants will be charged an additional 100 USD. The pending route will be added.


All the participants are requested to give an oral presentation in English based on their papers.

Each presentation lasts 15 minutes, including 2-3 minutes for Q&A. We will provide laptop and other equipments for the presentation. Presenters should get their PPT/PDF prepared before the conference.