Invited Speakers

Prof. Christine Fernandez-Maloigne
University of Poitiers, France


Prof. Christine Fernandez-Maloigne is currently Vice-sRector of the University of Poitiers in charge of International Relations since June 1, 2016. Professor in signal and image processing, specialized in digital color and medical imaging, she holds a degree in Computer Engineering and a thesis in Image Processing from the University of Technology, Compiegne (France) where she has was recruited as Associate Professor at the HEUDYASIC laboratory. After having passed her habilitation to lead research in mathematics at the University of Lille 1, she was recruited as a full Professor at the University of Poitiers, at the Signal-Image and Communications Laboratory (SIC). After having been founder and then animator of the ICONES team, in color imaging, within the SIC Laboratory she became in 2008 director of the SIC department, within the XLIM Institute, formed by the grouping of several research teams in Limoges and Poitiers Universities. In 2012, she became deputy director of this laboratory, until her appointment as Vice-President of Poitiers University. Since January 2015, she is director of the CNRS MIRES research federation which brings together all the laboratories in mathematics and digital sciences in Poitiers, Limoges and La Rochelle. Moreover, she is a coordinator, for 2015-2020, of an important regional program about applications of digital sciences to education, culture, cultural heritage and health in the region New Aquitania. This program combines 17 laboratories in Math, STIC, SPI, SHS and law. Finally, since early 2019 she is co-director of the laboratory I3M, multi-core multi-core metabolic imaging, common between the CNRS, SIEMENS-Healthineers, the University and the University Hospital of Poitiers.
At the national level, Christine Fernandez-Maloigne received the Augustin Fresnel award for her work on digital color in March 2012. She is currently an appointed member of the National Council of Universities (CNU), since 2016. She had been prior appointment to the Section 7 office of the National Committee for Scientific Research (CoNRS), from 2012 to 2015 and participated in this capacity in many national and international laboratory assessments for the CNRS Institute of Information Sciences and of their Interactions (INS2I). She is also expert for many French organizations (HCERES, ANR, DGA, IUF, ...).
At the international level, she has been an expert for the European Commission since 2000 and she represents France since 2005 in the Division 8 (Image Technology) of the CIE, International Commission for Lighting, of which she is secretary since May 2015. Finally She is Editor Associate in Chief of JOSA A.